Primary School


The School offers the National curriculum 8-4-4 system. The school provides a stimulating learning environment which is tranquil and well resourced. Our students have an opportunity to develop academic, physical and social skills and are encouraged to be independent and take personal responsibility for their learning. Our students benefit from Teachers who are well experienced in delivering the 8-4-4 system.

In addition they also benefit by learning additional courses in French, computer and music at Tango School, we believe this puts the Pupils ahead in Foreign language and IT as they leave the Primary School. A lot of individualized tuition is offered to the slow learners during the free time at no extra cost, to ensure all our students achieve good grades and receive a better education.


The Lower Primary has two streams for each class with one teacher per stream. Each stream holds a maximum of 25 pupils. The department has embraced learner centered teaching and pupil learning methodology. This is evidenced by end of every month exam results which are usually averaged every end of term and year.

Friendly learner centered teaching/learning resources have been inculcated in the system hence the excellent results. Music, Computer and French are some of the non-examinable subjects taught in these classes, alongside co-curricular lessons like swimming and physical education.

Teacher pupil solidarity has enriched the pupils’ all-round being. The pupils are also subjected to oral quizzes and debates three times a week and occasionally participate in national social work and charity walks.

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