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What else do Nyali Tango Schools offer?

The schools are set in quiet, serene and spacious compounds. The environment is satisfactorily conducive for learning. Our classes are spacious and not crowded so the teacher – student interaction is set at the maximum.

There is ample space for co-curricular activities such as football, athletics and other outdoor sports. We train our boys and girls in these sports with all the enthusiasm we can muster.

Co-curricular Activities

Performing arts such as music and drama form an important part of our school curriculum. We endeavor to upgrade and perfect the learning facilities to the expected standards. Our dream is to build a school with state of the art facilities providing world class education services.

We understand that a student is more than just an intellectual being. Students have other talents and hobbies. Some of the activities our students take part in include swimming, martial arts and other outdoor sporting activities.

As we implement our future plans, we intend to add to and improve our sporting facilities. We also look to building a music studio and modern computer labs to ensure our students discover and utilize all their talent.

Education Trips

Education trips and adventure are a part and parcel of our school programs. This helps in enhancing the understanding of concepts taught.

It also helps the learners to understand the world around them. Moments outside classroom also breaks monotony of class experience.

School Transport

As a school, we have made deliberate efforts to improve our school transport in order to make it more efficient and satisfying. The school so far has acquired three buses and two vans.

This will enable us to serve all the areas better. Our transport department is run by a highly competent crew which is highly disciplined in handling our parents and the pupils.  We are currently offering door to door picking of students to make it easier for our parents to identify with our school buses.

Our Future Plans

The school has a clear road-map of where it is heading to. In specific terms, we intend to offer unique and relevant education to our students. We intend to nurture academic growth alongside other life skills in order to produce responsible and all-round graduates. It is our dream to make hard work, honesty, diligence and discipline the hallmarks of our curriculum implementation system. Our dream is to establish a world class institution whose foundation is planted on God. God opportunity, we shall introduce high school education and post-high school education. It is our vision that in future we shall talk of Nyali Tango High School and ultimately Nyali Tango University. We have already made tremendous progress towards the realization of this goal.

We believe a journey of a thousand meters starts with one bold step. All these institutions shall aspire to fulfill the original Kidzone dream of being a global leader in the provision of educational services. The ultimate plan and objective for Nyali Tango educational institutions, is to blaze the trail for the others; to lead as the others follow. Their standards shall be bench marked very highly to enable them to be competitive and relevant nationally and globally. As an institution, we shall embrace the best and the most prudent education management practices. We shall use the best tools, personnel and technology to give the best to humanity, for service to humanity is service to God.

To be globally competitive and relevant, the school intends to integrate information technology in its curriculum implementation and management programs. To improve on efficiency and level of performance, we firmly believe that technology will get us there. Flow of information, instructions and directions shall be smooth, swift and accurate. The school management can monitor the academic trends in the school at the press of a button from their offices. This is also cost-effects promises are Yes and Amen and we are banking on the promises of God that he is doing a new thing for our school.

We intend to put up world class facilities that match the current times in terms of requirements. The school management intends to put up modern classrooms, a state-of-the-art library and computer lab. We also intend to establish and build a ultra-modern administration block that will enable us to serve our parents better. To cater for skill development in sports and music, the school has decided to have a music studio cum classroom in school. Here, students will be trained on how to play modern music instruments, compose and even sing. In future, sports will form a core part of our curriculum activities. God willing, the school will invest heavily in sports facilities for example; modern swimming pool, basketball court, football pitch and tennis court, among others.

In the long run, Nyali Tango Schools wants to be a one-stop-center for educational services. Transparency and accountability in financial management shall be greatly improved. Parents can also access information on academic trends of their children online and act on the same. This will enhance performance. It will also enable them to participate effectively in the improvement of the standards in the school.

We understand the importance of living in harmony with our community. We know the importance of giving back to the same community that fuels our success. We are currently involved in the following activities:

Community service: The school actively participates in the community activities around it. Such as cleaning, hosting health campaigns such as Dettol Hand wash Challenge and charity walks

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